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    About Us

    Thrilla Seven features handmade ready-to-wear clothing that is daring, comfortable and embraces confidence and poise and drives off of a constant love for Women's Empowerment. Thrilla Seven is a brand that prides itself in catering to the daring woman! From custom made dresses that embrace every curve, to graphic t-shirts, our mission is to make every person who owns anything Thrilla Seven feel completely comfortable and confident! Thrilla Seven is a balance of raw, cutting edge design and indefinite charm that features garments that can easily add a bold aesthetic to any look whether work or play!

    Founder and Designer of Thrilla Seven, Cierra Jaye', centered her focus on creating a brand that would cater to those who value comfort, vividness, versatility, accentuation and hand-crafted quality in their everyday attire while adding a great sense of Empowerment through her designs.

    Why Seven you ask? It is a number of completion amongst many other things. However, the number has played and continues to play an incredible role in the life of Cierra Jaye’. Incorporated into each of her handmade designs, the number 7 is represented through item styles, garment and accessory structure, detail and much more!

    2012 ignited the establishment of Thrilla Seven and creations haven't stopped since!

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